Organic search optimization (organic SEO) is an incredibly powerful, long-term program that businesses are investing in in order to drive higher search rankings, more relevant organic search traffic, and increasing sales through online lead generation.

If you’re a business owner and you’re looking to drive more leads from your website, it’s important for you to understand why committing to an organic SEO program can be beneficial to your business’ brand visibility and overall bottom line.

It’s no secret that the Internet is an incredibly dynamic and evolving network. Building a relationship with an experienced organic search optimization firm that stays on top of the latest trends and tactics for search engine optimization is an essential first step for success. Leaving your organic SEO campaign in the hands of professionals will ensure that your marketing efforts will be continually analyzed and optimized to build and sustain top organic search rankings.

It’s also important for you to understand what to expect from your organic SEO consultant upon engaging them to optimize your website. A reputable organic SEO company will offer a plain explanation of the SEO tactics they will utilize from on-site optimization to SEO link building strategies. Make sure your organic SEO company doesn’t participate in spammy link networks or link syndication networks so you can ensure your site won’t be penalized by the search engines for utilizing black hat SEO tactics.

Here are some of the other items you should expect when working with a professional and trustworthy organic SEO company:

  • The organic SEO company should provide you with a list of suggested targeted keywords for your campaign. The SEO company will conduct comprehensive keyword analysis based on your product/service offerings, geographic location(s), target audience, etc. This keyword list will be presented to you, discussed in depth and refined to narrow down a final initial keyword list to target for your campaign.
  • The organic SEO company should make any on-site adjustments to your website’s the Title, Description, and Keywords meta tags on your web pages to match to the selected keywords for the campaign.
  • Your consulting company should also offer any modifications to your web content for optimal keyword inclusion in the main headers, body text, and imagery for each web page.
  • Your organic search expert should perform an analysis to ensure the HTML elements are conducted in an SEO-friendly manner to promote easy spiderability and indexation for the search engines. They should also offer SEO friendly web design services or consultation if the site needs a redesign to promote SEO success.
  • Tracking the overall performance of your organic search optimization campaign by offering reports for keyword rankings, organic search traffic, page indexation, link building, and lead generation.
  • Effective organic SEO consultation entails a perpetual flow of recommendations for new content (both on-site and off-site) to promote greater brand visibility, increased trust with consumers, higher keyword relevancy, and more trust with Google and the other search engines. An optimized content marketing strategy is essential for organic SEO success.
  • A reputable organic SEO consulting firm will work to build relationships for you within your industry to promote guest blogging opportunities, link exchanges and other white hat link building efforts to help boost your credibility with the search engines.

After reading this list, you should have a much better handle on what you should be looking for in a reputable organic SEO firm, and what you should expect when you choose one to do business with. Make sure the SEO consultant you choose to perform your organic search optimization strategy is doing so in an ethical and natural way, executing industry best practices, and advocating your website in a way that it builds higher rankings, gets more search traffic, and provides an excellent return for your investment.

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Atlanta SEO Consultant Chris EverettChris Everett is an organic SEO consultant and the Principal of Captivate Search Marketing in Atlanta, GA. Chris specializes in organic search marketing and local search optimization with an emphasis on local small businesses. To learn more about Chris or Captivate Search Marketing, connect with Chris on Google+