The Dog Days Are Here

Posted on 08.01.2018, in Audience Engagement, From Jeff, General

It’s that time of year again. It’s hot. The year has been crazy busy.

How to Know If You Need a Break

Here are some easy ways to identify if you need a break. If you find yourself doing any of the things below you probably need a break.

  • You drag your feet and procrastinate and feel bored
  • You feel low in energy
  • You feel short-tempered
  • You feel anxious
  • You say you can’t take a break because you have too much work
  • You say you can’t take a break because business is too slow to warrant it

The truth is that humans are not machines and when exhaustion sets in, your work and your capacity for creative thinking will suffer. So, if business is good and you’re working hard all the time, inevitably, after a while, your performance will start to suffer.

And if business is slow and you are panicked and you feel you can’t afford to take a break then a break might be exactly what you need to help you think outside the box and find creative ways to engage your clients or customers.

Take a break! Even if it’s a short one. Even if you only stay home and binge-watch Netflix. Even if you do nothing but nap.

At Create Studios we work hard all year long and we also make sure that as a team we take appropriate breaks since so much of our work depends on creative problem solving and a high level of attention to detail and accuracy.

So, take that break you’ve been dreaming about and then make an appointment so we can help you with the things you had meant to do at the beginning of the year such as:

  • getting your website streamlined and mobile friendly
  • sending out a newsletter such as this one
  • getting yourself a playbook
  • finally exploring the power of online marketing campaigns 

Happy Summer, and enjoy all the offerings of our current newsletter including:

Enjoy these dog days of summer. Winter and all its crazy busyness will be here soon!  ~Jeff