What, you’re wondering, is a contrographic?!  A contrographic is a term we coined to describe this controversial infographic.  It is a visual representation of the cycle most of us experience. However, the competitive nature of SEO means few of us actually want to admit to it.

On a daily basis, SEO’s have to struggle with abbreviated timelines and a persistent pressure to deliver results.  Most backlink analysis suggests evidence that some cheating does in fact work so remaining ethically pure can feel like unilateral disarmament.

This graphic illustrates the line than most of us walk and the perilous consequences of straying too far in one direction or another. If you have an opinion, want to congratulate me, or want to call me a name, let’s mix it up in the comments.  This is, after all, a contrographic.


The SEO Cycle created by Subtle Network Design for Point Blank SEO


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