wordpressWordPress started small, but has grown into a versatile platform for building a website for your business.  A lot of companies have chosen to go the WordPress route as opposed to using a third party to run their site.

WordPress has taken the guesswork out of website design and management and gives the user great flexibility and ease of use.  WordPress will give you a stand-out site and has business friendly features.

Why are so many businesses choosing to use WordPress?  Is WordPress a platform that will work for you?  This article will outline the pros and cons of using WordPress for your small business.


Once you sign up with WordPress you will need to choose a theme.  A theme is kind of like the skin for your site.  With a few easy clicks, you can completely alter the design of your site and give it a fresh look whenever you want.  The chosen theme will dictate the colors, fonts and layout of your site.

Plug-ins, which are the functions of your site, can be easily chosen and installed.  Your plug-ins will improve the usability of your site.  An example of a plug-in would be implementing social sharing buttons.

Widgets are building blocks for your site.  A widget is dragged and dropped from the administration section and are used to enhance the usability.  An example of a widget would be a search box.


  • WordPress is free.  There is no upfront cost, and no maintenance or subscription costs.  Think of the money you will save by making your site yourself.
  • You don’t need to be a ‘techie’.  WordPress is very user friendly and there is a lot of support available in case your web design goes off the rails.  There are also lots of websites that will help you with WordPress as well.
  • WordPress is so much more than just a simple blogging platform.  Diverse website from online shopping to social networks use WordPress.
  • WordPress is always being improved and being made more flexible.


  • Set-up can be a little overwhelming if you’ve never ventured into website design and management before.  You will have to make a lot of decisions.  Plan on spending some time with set-up and be patient.
  • Don’t expect to be a WordPress expert right off the bat.  You will have to learn the WordPress system.  WordPress is easy to use, but don’t expect that you’ll have an amazing, professional looking site after spending an hour or two with WordPress.
  • WordPress requires maintenance.  WordPress isn’t like a watch that you wind and forget about it.  You will have to check your plug-ins and widgets regularly.

Big Picture

No site or platform is perfect, but WordPress has so much to offer and is very easy to use.  Your business will save a lot of money by being able to host, design, and run your site yourself through WordPress.  You won’t have to work through a third party either.  You know your business and you know how you want your business to be reflected to your customers.  WordPress makes that possible.


Guest author Michael Green works for Trim Nutrition, a company that sells weight loss injections.  He is helping his employer launch a WordPress weight loss blog.  Michael shopped around a lot before settling on WordPress.  He decided the CMS was the best for their small business needs.