Organic search marketing is a cohesive effort of achieving better exposure in the organic search results. Although some experts simply call this SEO, the techniques used to earn greater visibility in organic search are starting to evolve.

The best practices of organic search marketing (SEO) are undergoing drastic changes. In essence, SEO and search marketing strategies are becoming more like real marketing and less like technical mysteries unbeknownst to most digital marketers.

One of the most powerful resources for organic search marketing is guest blogging. The benefits of guest blogging are vast, but some of the most advantageous benefits include:

  • establishing new connections and open the doors to new opportunities (beyond SEO)
  • building brand awareness and credibility in your products or services
  • generating link popularity from guest post to your money pages
  • promoting social engagement and generate social authority in your content

Based on some of these benefits, guest blogging offers amazing potential for any online business trying to gain more exposure. In addition to aiding your website’s organic search marketing efforts, guest blogging can increase your brand’s social clout while steering new visitors to its website.

Great Guest Posts Can Rank Naturally

The practice of guest blogging plays a pivotal part in any business’s organic search marketing campaign.

Why? Because exceptional content (articles, blog posts, videos, etc.) is favored in Google’s organic search results. Just take a look at the screenshot below for the Google search “guest blogging.”

Organic Search Results Guest Blogging

As you can see, the Google search listings that are ranking #1 and #3 are both blog posts. The #2 listing is simply a webpage with only a video as the page’s core content. The video was so good that it naturally earned an incredible amount of social signals (likes, tweets, shares, and +1’s) as well as backlinks from other sources.

The purpose of this example is to show you how valuable content can naturally (or organically) earn top search rankings on its own. Of course sharing the content is important, but if you’re able to publish your great content on a blog that already has a strong reader-base, you’ll have a good head-start.

Generate Link Popularity for Organic SEO

Not only can your awesome blog posts see top rankings in the organic search results, but by publishing content on other websites, you can include links back to your money pages. This will significantly help your website’s organic SEO efforts. The idea is to include links that only make sense in the article, and abide by any terms that you have established with the blog host.

Organic SEO Marketing Link

In addition to links to your money pages, another important link to include in your guest articles is an authorship link that points to your Google Plus profile. By adding this link (“?rel=author” at the end of the URL) you can generate an image rich snippet in organic search results. This small addition can profoundly increase an article’s click-through rate from the Google search results.

Organic Search Marketing Results

Good Resources for Guest Blogging

Guest blogging requires reaching-out to blog owners. To get you started, below are three great resources that can help benefit your organic search marketing efforts:

  • – This is a one of the most popular communities to find relevant websites and blogs for guest blogging. You can even offer your blogs for guest authors.
  • Social Media – Take advantage of Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other social media sites to find blog posts being shared by authoritative sources. A good tip is to compliment their work and later ask to offer a guest post on their blog.
  • Google – Search a keyword phrase that is relevant to your organic search marketing efforts. In the top navigation links in Google, select the “More” option, then “Blogs.” Google will display blogs and blog posts that are most relevant to your keyword search. Similar to social media outreach, you’ll need to inquire to blog owners about writing for their blog.

In addition to SEO and organic search marketing, guest blogging provides many of benefits to grow your online brand. When you reach out to owners and content managers of high-authority blogs, you can create opportunities to establish meaningful connections. These connections can help your business’s marketing efforts in more ways than one.

About the Author:

Tyler TafelskyTyler Tafelsky is the founder and SEO director of Top of Mind, an organic search marketing and social media engagement firm based in Traverse City, Michigan. Tyler specializes in local Traverse City SEO services, and advocates guest blogging as powerful resource for search marketing and online brand building. You can learn more Tyler and his business by connecting with him on Google Plus.