The Importance of Marketing and Sales for Your Business

Posted on 05.08.2018, in General, Online Marketing

It would be great if all you had to do was offer amazing products and services and have customers automatically take advantage of what you have to offer. Unfortunately, there is a need for such things as awareness of your business or brand and efforts to convince people why they should buy from you instead of your competitors. This is where marketing and sales come into play. Here’s a closer look at why these two concepts are so important for your business.

Marketing and Sales Defined

Marketing is a broad term that refers to any actions taken to promote your business and what’s offered. Sales is the part of marketing that involves steps to encourage conversions. When the right marketing and sales strategies are combined, it can lead to:

• Increased brand awareness
• Active customer engagement
• More conversions (e.g., online sales, phone calls, and in-person customer visits)

Detailed Customer Research

Marketing requires a solid understanding of what your customers want and expect. There are several ways to accomplish this goal. For instance, if you’re just launching a new business, you could look at competitors offering the same thing. Doing so will allow you to get a feel for what matters most to customers and how your competitors are reaching out to them. Customer research can also involve:

• Knowing customer “pain points”: What problems are you solving for them with your products or services? In order for marketing and sales efforts to be successful, you have to know why someone would need what you are selling or offering in the first place.

• Understanding demand: Do people actually have a need for what you have to offer? Even if there is no established market your products or services, it is possible to use marketing tactics to create one. This is exactly what companies like Apple and Uber did.

• Diving into demographics: While you may want to market to “everybody,” the fact is that some products are going to be more appealing to women, others will be more useful for men, and some will appeal more to younger or older consumers. Demographics also refers to income levels and specific geographic areas (e.g., potential markets).

Effective Customer Engagement

After initial marketing and customer research is done, marketing and sales strategies can be developed. This is the point where websites are created, social media accounts are created, and ads are presented either online or through traditional efforts like television and print. With online marketing, customer engagement includes:

• Producing relevant and fresh social media and blog content
• Personalized email campaigns
• Actively responding to customer comments, questions, and feedback
• Using the right platforms to present content

Product Development and Evolution

Using Apple as example again, one of the things that has made this company so successful is an ability to continue to update their products. Marketing and sales shouldn’t remain solely focused on the exact same products and services. You’ll have more success if you have a “there’s always room for improvement” mentality.

Leveling the Playing Field

What’s good about marketing is the ability to use all available resources in a way that’s creative and engaging – even if you don’t have unlimited resources. This means that even smaller businesses can compete with ones that have huge marketing budgets. Such efforts can include:

• Generating interest with amazing, well-presented content
• Combining traditional advertising with paid online ads, social media advertising, and native ads that blend in with the surrounding content
• Search engine optimization to improve online visibility
• Offering special deals and promotions on a regular basis to generate interest

Finally, realize that sales and marketing aren’t independent of each other. If you aren’t actively marketing your product, services, or brand, you’re not going see meaningful results with sales. Conversely, marketing efforts are only effective if you have a related sales strategy in place that leads to a positive customer experience.

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