Most companies enjoy pay per click (PPC) advertising because it gives them the ability to create their own budget. Companies that have a smaller budget are still able to have an online presence, and companies with larger budgets can create multiple ads and use their large budget to their advantage.

Whether your company has a large or small budget, you still want to make money off your PPC campaigns. There are certain tactics you can implement that will help you get the most ROI on your campaigns.

Choose the right location.

Some people don’t realize that the location of their ads is just as important as choosing the right keywords. If your company only services customers in Illinois, there’s no reason for your ad to be placed  in front of users in every other state. If your company only offers your products or services in a specific location, make sure that you’re ads are only placed in front of people from that area. Otherwise, your marketing dollars will be lost.

Call out your value.

You’re going to get more traffic and more business from your PPC ad if you offer your customers a value and call it out to their attention. Are you giving your customers a coupon for a discount or a free item? Make sure that your PPC ad calls this out to your audiences’ attention. Most customers are more willing to click on an ad that gives them something in return, and if they have a coupon or discount, they’ll be more likely to make a purchase.

Use specific keywords.

Take the time to thoroughly think about the keywords and keyword phrases that your customers will use to try and find your products and services, and make sure to use them verbatim in your ads. Your customers will be more likely to click on an ad that uses the exact same words and phrases as their search. You can even use a keyword tool, such as Google’s Keyword Tool, to help you create the best and most used keywords for your business.

Time it right.

You have the ability to determine what time of day your ads are placed. If your ads are only running in the middle of the night, you’re not going to get as much ROI from your ads as you would if they were running during the most popular search times. Track your ad and pay attention to the click throughs and conversions that you’re getting, and make sure you limit the timing of your ad so that it only appears during the most popular conversion times.

Send your audience to the right place.

You need to make sure that your ad and the page it leads to are compatible. For example, if your PPC ad is describing a product, and you’re linking that ad to the news page on your website, you’re not going to earn any conversions. Instead, if your ad is discussing a product, make sure that you’re leading your customers to the product page of your site.

If your ad is getting clicked on, but you’re not earning any conversions, you’re simply wasting money on PPC ads. Instead of throwing money away, make sure you get your audience to click on your ad AND take some type of action. Using the tips above will help you get the best ROI out of your PPC campaign.

Jessica Brown writes in tandem with SEOMap.  Her goal is to help web professionals with their marketing strategies.