The Internet offers a wide world on the web for marketing and advertising. Yellow page and billboard advertisement have transformed into legal advertising through the web. This is an effective way to grow a law firm and attract new clients. Denver legal marketing specializes in assisting law firms with marketing strategies that work faster and more effectively than ever before.

The web can get lawyers new cases through search engine optimization, which is also known as SEO. Internet marketing produces organic search engine results that can be effectively tracked. Law firms utilize digital marketing to secure first page Google results. Now is an optimal time to step into this strategic marketing strategy; because, new Google changes have bumped previous attorneys from off the first page. These recent Google Panda and Penguin updates have had a dynamic impact on attorney SEO, and a window of time is available for advancement. The Google marketing door has opened to attorneys seeking a successful Internet marketing strategy. Denver legal advertising has the web expertise and knowledge that is needed to advance lawyers and get them new cases.

Attorneys need to be more actively involved in SEO legal marketing. The new changes in Google require quality content, quality links and natural search engine optimization word placement. Google is weeding out repetitive content, paid links and spam that has been utilized by law firms in the past. Law firms that once dominated the first page of Google are now history, and Denver legal marketing has the tools needed to move lawyers into their previous Google position. Not every search engine optimization strategy is effective, and many Web marketers have not made the changes needed. Expert Web marketers understand the importance of social media’s role in first page results.

Utilizing the web can get lawyers new cases, but expertise is needed. For example, many law firms have utilized as they sought to increase their SEO marketing. However, lawyers have gotten very few leads from utilizing this company and companies like it. It takes an expert to tell you the truth about where to put your marketing dollars. For a similar investment, your law firm can receive substantial increases in Google attention.

Denver legal marketing understands the importance of posting attorney advertising disclosures on each client’s blog and website. The ABA ethnic standards must be upheld during each Web marketing initiative. Here are some helpful SEO tips:

• Have separate accounts for professional and personal contacts.
• Your website submission forms should notify clients about what type of information to avoid submitting online.
• Do not solicit Social Security or ID information online.
• Avoid responding to specific questions from potential clients on the Internet. Use hypothetical situations only over the web, and connect with clients personally or over the phone.
• Avoid offering legal advice on sites such as, Yahoo answers, twitter and Facebook.
• Avoid utilizing unapproved ghost written articles on your website or blog without your personal review.

Keyword Selection

Broad terms generate an increased amount of traffic; but, they don’t produce a large number of new clients. Keyword selection is extremely important and Denver legal advertising produces words that result in new clients. For example, some lawyers focus primarily on divorce. A broad search engine optimization keyword would focus on divorce. A more specific term use more descriptive wording, such as “mother’s custody rights” or “separation agreement”. A beautiful balance of both broad and descriptive keywords is an excellent option for law firms seeking to obtain new clients. Specific location, specific practice, descriptive location and descriptive practice will produce the best results. Excellent keyword selection will equate into phone calls.

Producing New Clients from phone Calls

A professional and experienced marketing expert will assist your law firm in converting calls promoted through your website into new clients. Your properly marketed website will begin to draw the new clients through proper keyword selection, excellent content, social marketing, blogs and more. However, converting phone calls into new clients also involves strategy. Receptionists must provide more than an answering service. Phone calls must be returned quickly in order to convert into a new client. Tips for answering the phone:

• The receptionist should be trained to convert phone calls into clients.
• Potential clients are looking for an empathetic and understanding lawyer. Individuals answering the phone must offer an empathetic and understanding ear.
• Callers should be listened to and not interrupted.
• The potential client’s information should be taken, and an attorney should call them back within an hour.
• Remember that the client is looking to hire a lawyer. It’s vitally important that they are a provided with confirmation that they have called the right firm for help.
• Remember, if a potential client gets an answering machine or a receptionist, they will simply call someone else.

Denver legal marketing specializes in transforming key words into phone calls and phone calls into new clients. It takes expertise to provide the search engine dynamics required by Google. The new changes created by Google have allowed open space for new law firms to step into a key position on the first page of Google. Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy that utilizes the power of the web to obtain new clients. Divorce, bankruptcy, business law, criminal, child custody, family law, labor and employment, real estate, personal injury, wills and probate law can all be successfully marketed via the Internet. The web is open 24 hours and offers the ultimate legal advertising strategies.

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