With 2018 right around the corner you’re probably somewhere between trying to deal with the holiday madness and frantically planning your digital marketing strategy for next year. It’s not too late to address and plan for next year’s biggest marketing trends. Here are five digital marketing trends that you’ll want to watch out for in the new year.

1. Twitter May Fall While LinkedIn Rises

While other social media platforms are seeing steady or rapid growth, Twitter has failed to grow its user base in 2017. Recently, the platform tried to revive its reach by expanding its traditional 140 character count to 280 characters, but this effort’s success has yet to be seen. Some users are actually irritated that what they believed was a differentiator for the platform is now gone. Indeed, using under 140 characters forced individuals and brands to be precise and succinct in their ideas. It was challenging but fun. Now, however, the platform is more akin to Facebook or LinkedIn in how many characters it allows, and it will likely suffer because of that.

Twitter also focused heavily on user acquisition in 2017, rather than on making improvements to its ad platform. As a result, marketers are investing in other platforms to reach their audiences. This trend will continue in 2018 as Twitter continues to die a slow death.

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