Dependability is often lacking among web designers and developers.

The web design story always follows the same arc:

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Client comes along.
Web developer gets really excited.
Lots of promises are made.
Money exchanges hands.
A few deliverables are thrown over the fence.
And then…

Deafening silence.

No phone calls are returned.
Emails disappear into the land of no response.

And you, the disenfranchised client, are left holding the bag.

I’m here to apologize for that.
I’m a web developer.
And it shouldn’t be that way.
It doesn’t have to be that way.

These days, it’s all about customer service.
Being present for you, the customer.
Working with you in the manner you want to be talked to, responded to, and addressed.
Whether you are getting your house remodeled, buying a new cell phone, or getting a website designed, you deserve great customer service.
You’re worth it.
You paid money for this.
You paid to get the job done.

And this is how we get a lot of business.
We respond to your phone calls.
We respond to your emails.
We respond to all quote requests.
We will beat you to the punch on delivery.
You’ll never be wondering what the next step is.
You’ll never be in the dark.

So am we claiming perfection? No.

But I can promise you, we’ll answer the phone and respond to your emails.
Yes, every time!
We’ll keep you in the loop the ENTIRE way (even after your website is live).

Have your web design story break the mold by working with our team.