The Crazy Powerful Magic of Good Branding

Posted on 06.21.2018, in Branding, Web Design

Three Genuine, Original, Nature-Made, Maple Leaves

Have you heard of the company that made a killing the past few years selling maple leaves in fall and snow in winter? Yes, folks, you can get 3 New England Maple leaves shipped to you for only $17.99, and for only $119.99 you can get 20 lbs of snow!

Fact is that you can sell almost anything if you brand it properly.

Why Brand?

Recently we completed a rebrand for Axiom, who used to be known as Innovative Technology Team.

The brand that they had created right at the beginning when they first formed their company was not an accurate reflection of who they had grown into over the years. They contracted Create Web Studios in early March of 2018 and the entire branding process was complete at the end of June 2018.

It was clear to us after doing the initial interviews that Axiom is a top-tier IT company, meaning they don’t just provide solutions to solve short-term IT  problems, they are that company you can trust to walk the long road with you—the kind of company who keeps you top-of-mind and advises you so that you stay secure, future-proof and able scale with ease.

Their integrity and commitment to excellence was apparent right from the start.  In short, they are a serious company but they also have a lighter side.

Their brand needed to reflect their serious commitment to excellence as well as their warmth.

AXIOM, Before

Click on the thumbnail below to see what Axiom’s About page looked like before they were branded. Notice that neither the content nor the visuals tell any kind of story. It would be very difficult to get an idea of the kind of company you are dealing with as a potential client based on this page.

AXIOM, After

Click on the thumbnail below to see Axiom’s new About page. It shows their commitment to excellence, their services,  as well as their sense of humor. It’s very easy to get a sense of who they are from this page.


So, What Exactly Is Branding?

If branding is just a company’s logo, name, colors, and website, why do some companies literally fork over millions to be branded? (BP reportedly paid more than $150M for their rebrand and Citibank paid about $10M for theirs. It’s enough to make you feel slightly sick and dizzy.)

More Than Meets the Eye

There is more to branding than meets the eye. Brand identity includes everything that’s associated with your business image.  “Everything” in this case means:

  • your core values
  • your company culture
  • your reason for coming into existence
  • what you tell yourself in the morning when you go to work
  • what you tell your customers or clients
  • …and how you tell them
  • what you actually do for your customers or clients
  • …and how you do it
  • what they think about you
  • …and what they say about you
  • what you tell your employees about why the company exists and why they should work for you
  • … and what they tell each other and themselves about why you exist and why they go to work every day
  • what you know about yourself deep, deep down
  • …and what you hope for yourself and fear about yourself
  • and last, but not least what you show the world in terms of your tangible symbols—your logo, colors, website, printed material, social media content etc.

What Good Branding Gives You

Successful branding creates your very own north star that you can use as a guide when you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of business. Your brand will tell you who you are and who your ideal clients or customers are and how you should position yourself in relation to the market.

Continuing the metaphor, your brand will guide you and your employees in your actions and it will guide your clients and customers straight into your harbor.

It comprises clear and effective communication about who you are and what you offer. Over time it becomes layered with your customers’ and clients’ experience of you.

When you start to exist as an entity that elicits a feeling in people that you encounter and if that feeling is positive, then you know that you’ve struck gold. That is the Eldorado of marketing—when your name precedes you and people already know they will choose you over another company because of what they associate with you and how that aligns with them.

Here’s one way to tell if you’ve been branded. IT WILL FEEL LIKE YOU’VE BEEN BRANDED!

In short, you know you’ve been properly branded when it feels as if you’ve done the work. To brand your company properly you need to dig deep in order to arrive at the truth of who you are and who you want to be and you need to fuse that with your market.

It’s hard work, but when you’ve completed it you will have a feeling of satisfaction and success and “rightness”. These are the immediate benefits of branding:

  • You will know who you are;
  • You will have a set of tools/symbols that represent you;
  • Your symbols will speak to your clients in clear and compelling ways.

Very importantly, you will be happy with your branding for many, many years to come, because good branding is meant to last a long time.

If you feel it might be time to brand or rebrand give us a call to chat about what you envision for your company. We only take on a few branding projects a year, precisely because it is such in-depth work.

Every question is a good question, so don’t hesitate to ask!

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