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Stephanie Giera, Marketing Specialist

Eight Things About Me

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What is your name?

Stephanie Giera

Do you have a nickname that your friends and family use?

Steph! I love how quickly people say Steph, instead of Stephanie, when I first meet them. It feels like were friends already. Love it!

What is your role in the company?

Developing digital marketing campaigns for our customers, ensuring designs and visuals are on point, and bringing in new business.

What are the skills that you bring to your work?

I have an extensive background in project management and design. I like to bring quality aesthetics and a comprehensive strategy to every project.


What is your approach to work?

Do the next thing! I make it a priority to take time to stop and analysis what is being done. I like to challenge processes and make sure I am working smarter, not harder.

What do you like to do for fun?

I am a mixed-media visual artist. I work in sculpture and digital collage. I love cycling, sailing and spending time with my family.

What is your favorite app or web-site right now?

All apps! I love them all! My most frequently used is Basecamp for project management and Spotify for finding new music.

Complete this sentence: If you really knew me, you would know that…

I have a thirst for knowledge.