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Jessica Rogers, Web Team Lead and Project Manager

Eight Things About Me

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What is your name?

Jessica Rogers.

Do you have a nickname that your friends and family use?

Jess. My family called me ‘Jessi’ when I was little- and still do- and I HATE it so I put my foot down in high school. I guess when that was taken off the table, people resorted to Jess and it stuck.

What is your role in the company?

Officially? Web Team Lead and Project Manager. I facilitate client satisfaction through on-point communication and attention to detail.

What are the skills that you bring to your work?

One of my strengths is being an activator. I kick things down the field and manage customer expectations through open and honest communication. I’m also a good teammate. If you feel like you need to put something down, I’ll do my best to pick it up.


What is your approach to work?

I am an organized and regimented individual, and I like to focus when I’m at work. The faster something is done, the faster I can move on to crossing something else off my list.

What do you like to do for fun?

I’m a total homebody - I love to read, drink good coffee, go to the beach, and discover good music! I also love to spend time with those I care about.

What is your favorite app or web-site right now?

Spotify! Give me all the music and all the podcasts!

Complete this sentence: If you really knew me, you would know that…

I am absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter and I am THE grammar police. If there is a typo, I will find it.