Infographics are becoming an increasingly popular medium for conveying information. The internet moves faster every day, and many users simply don’t have the time to read a whole article. An elegant solution comes with the infographic; it offers all the information of a full fledged news article, presented in a visually engaging format. Remember these helpful tips for promoting your infographics online and reach out to the widest audience in the world.

  1. Give Your Graphics Blog Space

    Blogs are great promotional ground for infographics, and you should be sure to give your graphic some time to shine in blog space. Your infographic is the perfect supplement to an article on your own blog, or it could become great material for other writers. Every infographic carries a message, making them very popular for conveying statistics and editorials. Let your infographics become the centerpieces of blog articles to send them out to an already established audience of readers.

  2. Share Through Social Media

    Social media networks started as casual socializing platforms, but they’ve grown into some of the most promising marketing resources on the web. Millions of people connect to these networks from their home computers and mobile devices every day, making them the most widely accessed websites in the world. Social media users can easily share and promote your infographics for you, putting them in front of huge audiences instantaneously. Get into the groove with social media and promote your infographics to the whole social world.

  3. Tweet One Information Byte at a Time

    Twitter is a great promotional platform for infographics. The first great benefit of Twitter is that it now allows for picture sharing. The second benefit lies in Twitter’s tendency toward small information bytes. You can keep your tweets short and sweet by breaking your infographics into individual pieces of information and sharing them one at a time. If your graphic includes 10 statistics or data points, then you can 10 great tweets at your disposal. Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your infographic and use Twitter to its fullest potential.

  4. Submit Your Graphic to Directories

    You may already know that online directories are important resources for websites, but infographics also have their own place in directories. Widely used aggregates like Daily Infographic, Infographics Archive and many others compile and index graphics from all over the web. Securing a place in directories like these for your graphic can help put your work in front of vast new audiences, encouraging active promotion and helping your infographic realize its fullest potential. Never underestimate the power of directories, and always submit your infographics to the major aggregation sites on the web.

  5. Work Your Personal Connections

    Your own personal connections with people on the internet can expand your interactive infographics marketing potential. Get in touch with active and reputable users on networks like Reddit and StumbleUpon and enlist their help in promoting your graphics on these vast and widely used networks. As your infographics make their way through multiple internet channels, their popularity will increase on a daily basis.