Customer Insights for Effective Referrals

Posted on 06.16.2017, in Web Design

Customer referrals can help you increase your sales numbers. After all, research shows that 71% of companies report a higher conversion rate with referrals.

It isn’t too hard to build a solid referral strategy. This article will give you a few tips to get started with.

The Mindset of Referrals

You should put yourself in the customer’s shoes when thinking about your referral strategy. What does the customer want?

Your biggest fans actually want to help you spread the word. They just have to understand how to do so. If you show your most enthusiastic customers how they can help you, you’ll be amazed at the results.

This means that one key aspect of a good referral strategy is clarity. Be clear with your customers about what you want them to do.


When in doubt, give free products to your customers. Discounts are nice, but free is a whole different level of fun.

Free products create a strong incentive to spread the word about your business. This is a form of gamification. The game is that if someone just sends a few more customers to you, they will win a free prize.

If you want to step up the game aspect to the next level, create a vivid visual interface that displays how close your customers are to their next referral prize.

Public Recognition

For customers who have plenty of money to spend, free products are less appealing. For this group, focus on public recognition.

If a customer refers several new people to your business, thank them on social media. A simple Facebook post saying that “Charlie is the best customer of the year!” can be priceless for the customer in question.

Care About What Your Customers Care About

Donate to a charity that your customers care about.

The Best Things in Life are Free

Give your customers something that makes them feel light-hearted or inspired like a cartoon, joke, or a useful bit of information. If it’s worth sharing they’ll share it and though it’s not a direct referral it still will carry your name with it.

If you deeply understand your customers, you can develop a referral strategy that works. You don’t have to do it alone. Create Web Studios can help you with the planning and execution of your strategy. Visit their website at